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What’s PLS?
PLS (Plasma Lighting System) is a new type of lighting system, whitch was developed it by applying the
principles of plasma light emissions, using microwaves, based on technological differentiation represented
as electrodelessness in order to present the key value of a new world of lighting to our customers.
This PLS adopted the basic principles of plasma light emissions in which microwaves are transmitted into
an electrodeless quartz bulb to generate plasma and emit visible light from the plasmatic state.
Principle of Light Emission
PLS is a plasma lighting system wherein a microwave generated from the magnetron is transmitted to the
cavity resonator through the waveguide. It forms a strong electric field, which generates electric discharge to the gasand metal compound inside the bulb, leading them to the plasmatic state, which continuously emits light.PLS maintains this plasmatic state for the continuous emission of light.